Dear Reader

You may be wondering why this site is called “The Quick & Dirty Worship Leader”

First, this is a journal of my thoughts and experiences having been a worship leader since 1999, and a worshiper long before that.

Second, this site is meant to address what I see as an issue in many churches regarding worship music, and that is the bar set so high everyone thinks that have to be one of the current worship music “superstars”, like Chris Tomlin or Matt Redman or Hillsong, etc. to be any good. This is where “quick & dirty” comes in.

Third, this site is for worship leaders who simply want to get better at leading worship services, leading a team of musicians, songwriting, etc.

Fourth, this site is meant to bring people back to the basic point of worship – to honestly meet with God, and love him.

Please read, interact, and enjoy!

Nathanael Schulte, The Quick and Dirty Worship Leader