Worship, Art & Discomfort

I believe in the power of art to disrupt your life, and I believe your life needs disrupting.

This is why I believe in musical expression in worship. Few things have the same power as music to dig in deep, to bypass the rational side of you, to change your perspective.

I’ve found this can be done one of two primary ways:

  1. By drawing you in with sheer beauty, like a slow, lingering kiss.
  2. By knocking you off your feet, like a smack in the face, followed by a deep, greedy kiss.

There’s a time and a place for both, especially in worship times. I think they’re both equally important and they both express intimacy with God in their own way.

I think the second is better for busting open a dusty heart that needs Jesus to come in.

Then again, the first kind can be like a warm summer rain.

They beauty is that Jesus will actually meet you in either place.

The question for you is, what’s been working for your lately?